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Looms of Ladakh

Looms of Ladakh women cooperative is the fruit of a skill development initiative, Project Laksal which aims to bring together unemployed women artisans from remote villages of Ladakh. the women are trained by designers to produce trend setting knitted and woven products. The best raw materials are sourced locally from nomads and frontier livestock rearing communities of Ladakh who are the exclusive source of the world famous Changthangi Pashmina, Bactrian Camel wool, Yak wool and Sheep wool.
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Variety of Fibres

Choose between Variety of Fibres including Yak wool, camel wool, sheep wool etc

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Events & Media

Latest Events , Programs and Looms of Ladakh in Media

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Our Philosophy

Simply pure. Crafted with care and honesty, our products come to you straight from the nomadic shepherds of the windswept pastures of Ladakh. The same hands that tenderly nurse a newborn pashmina lamb infuse life into rare bres to create fabric that retains the simple yet digni ed essence of life in the high Himalayan passes.

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