Our Philosophy

Simply pure.

Crafted with care and honesty, our products come to you straight from the nomadic shepherds of the windswept pastures of Ladakh. The same hands that tenderly nurse a newborn pashmina lamb infuse life into rare bres to create fabric that retains the simple yet digni ed essence of life in the high Himalayan passes. From a land where survival requires adherence to the original and natural order of things, purity is our basic o er. We bring to you our creations made from locally available revered and rare bres of pashmina, bactrian camel hair and yak khulu. Our product range from simple yet elegant apparels, accessories, pet wear to home furnishings and woollen fabrics for the contemporary fashion industry. At Looms of Ladakh our goal is to merge traditional skills with sustainable production, responsible environmental impact, enduring designs and aesthetics that you will cherish